Animal Surgical and Medical Hospital

This clinic has an interesting and meaningful story to tell. The purpose of Branding photography is to show in photos why it’s different and why people want to come to this clinic. There are several themes related to telling this story. Photos are for social media and website.

1st Theme: 

This clinic is devoted to the health and well being of animals.  Everyone who works here has a love for animals and their well being.

2nd Theme:

This clinic goes the 'extra mile'. The doctor has up to date laser surgical equipment and uses a vitals monitor on surgeries.  It is seen in the second photo in the lower left. This is crucial for successful surgeries.

Pointing Photos

These photos are to show the importance of vaccinations and deworming/flea and tick control. Text will be added by a web developer.

Flat Lay of the Doctor's tools and Items for sale

Free Portraits of the staff as a value added service and morale booster.

Fun and  Unexpected photos from the Branding Shoot

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