This clinic has a unique and admirable story to tell. The purpose of Branding photography is to show in photos why it’s different and why people want to come to this clinic. There are several themes related to telling this story.
1st Theme: This is a people oriented clinic. Everyone who works here has a genuine interest in patients.

The photo below is entitled, "Our Staff". The names of the staff are shown below the photo on website. The purpose is to show this is a very congenial group that works together.

                                 Doris O'neil                            Alisha Bogan               Susan Holland             Karrie Hensen

2nd Theme:

The doctor listens. No diagnosis is made without gathering information.  The doctor examines everyone. There are not short cuts in getting the information for a  correct diagnosis.

3rd Theme:
This clinic will take people who do not have insurance.

4th Theme:
This clinic has up to date Laser equipment.

Pointing Photos to add important information or marketing. 
First Photo: "Love your skin? We can help"
2nd Photo: "Care about your hearing? We can help"

Tools of the Trade, in a flat lay, and  pertinent information.

Free Portraits for all staff as a value added bonus. They create abundant good will. The background of the portraits uses one of  the business' brands colors.

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